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2023 ELR Match - Registration Open

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Ravenel, South Carolina

Details from the Nov. 2022 ELR Match 

  • We will start the match with a cold bore challenge. Shooters who wish to engage will put $20 in the pot and have 1 shot at 1800 yards, Shooters who hit the target will split the pot, if no one hits it then proceeds go to a charity. After that shooters will have the opportunity to shoot a sighter target at 1000 yards. The match will have 36 shots at ranges out to 1800 yards - Shooters may shoot prone or from a bench that will be provided. There will be 4 cofs with 9 shots each. People ask why only 36 shots? This is an ELR match not a PRS match, with shooters shooting heavy calibers.

  • We will allow up to and including .416 no 50s please. We will have a light and heavy division, light being .338 and under heavy is over .338 up to .416.

  • This is a great shooting opportunity and venue, however facilities are limited ie. there is no bathroom. There will have a primitive potty for those that don't want to use the woods! We will be serving lunch after the event, but this is out in the woods and not much close by, so bring snacks and drinks. Camping will be available on Friday night for an additional fee of $25 which goes to the land owner and you will need to pay that in cash. Shooters will be able to continue shooting after the match on Sat. till 5 p.m. Everyone must leave at 5:00. If you are looking for places to stay, search Ravenel SC and look for places close by. If you have any questions, please FB message, email, call or text me at 803-640-4791. We are limiting this to 20 people. Please arrive early as gates will close at 9:00 am. I will be posting the location as we get closer. But if you google Ravenel SC on the map you will see a 1 mile long lake that is where we will be shooting! All shots will be over water! Thank you for your interest in this and help us welcome ELR to South Carolina. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

This will be our second ELR Match, so be sure to sign up once registration is open. 

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