Upcoming Events:

Led by Tommy Goodson
Saturday, November 19, 2022, Beginning at 8am

.22 Rim Shot

Register now for our upcoming Taco Bowl
Finale Scheduled for December 17, 2022.



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The Range at Camp David is focused primarily on self-defense and firearms training, and our events are based around these topics.  We are committed to helping individuals with an interest or a passion for self-defense and/or shooting to learn fundamentals and increase their skills.

Our 94-acre property consists of a rustic camp featuring an old-time cabin, cooking area, fire pit, and picnic shelter; 30-yard square shooting range; 500-yard and 700-yard shooting ranges with a sniper’s loft and AR-500 targets; and two other multi-purpose square shooting ranges.  The property is off-grid with electric power provided by generators and propane. Restroom facilities are primitive outhouses.

We currently offer the following annual events open to the public:

·         Spring Sniper School

·         Tactical Guardian Weekend

·         Fall Sniper School

·         .22 Rim Matches each month

To find out more about a public event, click on the appropriate option under “Events” on the menu bar.

Additionally, we host private events upon request. For example:

·         Corporate picnics

·         Second amendment weekends

·         Ladies-only firearms training

·         Concealed weapons permit courses

·         Precision rifle shooting events

·         Competition shooting events


Please contact David at robin17283@msn.com or (803) 640-4791 to plan your event.